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Medical Science Liaison (Astra Zeneca) Job ID: BLH7SHB

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Tags: MedicalScienceLiaison(AstraZeneca)JobID:BLH7SHB
AstraZeneca is one of the world’s most exciting bio-pharmaceutical companies. We’re a science leader with a mission to turn ideas into life-changing medicines that improve patients’ lives and benefit society.

Job Description:
Medical Science Liaison (MSL) responsible for implementation of activities for establishment of scientific leadership of AstraZeneca. This includes development and enhancement of professional relationships with healthcare professionals, building deep scientific understanding of AstraZeneca compounds. Driving positive opinions for the scientific and clinical value of AZ compounds for patients’ needs. Deliver medical education and clinical support to medical professionals, training sales teams and involvement in development of brand strategy. The position also be involved in review of product materials and response to medical queries.

Key Responsibilities:
• Act as scientific expert in respective areas as stated above for external stakeholders
• Build and maintain trust-based relationships with key external experts
• Share scientific data with HCPs, discussing all aspects of the data in a scientific, objective and balanced way
• Work with HCPs as partners in scientific activities that help advance disease understanding
• Initiate and conduct appropriate AZ staff training & development on information regarding current and emerging clinical data
• Participate in Asia Area Medical Brand teams to contribute knowledge and needs from the field, give feedback on medical plans and suggest ideas for studies
• To work with internal cross functional team on brand strategies and brand plans.

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